Residential Design

CSP Engineering utilizes various analysis software and 3-D modeling techniques to assist architects and contractors with the design of various types of residential structures.  We are experienced with designing everything from simple beams to complex homes.


Whether constructing a new home or doing renovations to your existing residence, structural engineering professionals save time and money when included early on in any project.  We provide services to aid in the renovating process whether you are planning to take out a wall, add a bonus room, or build a new second story addition.


If your house was damaged by a storm, or if you are seeing signs of structural deteriorations such as cracking foundations, bowing walls, or sagging floors, let us inspect your home to determine the probable cause and provide a plan to help stop the deteriorations and correct the damage.

Buying or Selling

Home inspections sometime uncover potential structural problems which warrant an additional inspection by a licensed structural engineer to diagnose any structural deficiencies and provide written reports with recommendations for any required remediation.  

We work with homeowners and realtors to assist in structural inspections that will address any potential problems and provide necessary methods to correct the issues discovered.  Additionally, we can provide foundation certifications for manufactured homes for VA and HUD/FHA insured loans.

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