Delegated Design

Stairs & Rails

We partner with fabricators, engineers, detailers, and architects to design and certify stair and handrails ranging from monumental stairs to simple egress stairs in a variety of buildings.

Steel Connection Design

We work with fabricators and detailers to provide structural steel connection engineering support for various projects including commercial, residential, and heavy industrial facilities.

Steel Joist Analysis

Our team has extensive experience in the joist and deck industry.  We use this experience to aide fabricators and contractors in analyzing the load carrying capability of existing joist components when new equipment is to be supported from an existing system.  We also provide detailed reinforcement plans to aid fabricators and erectors in the process of reinforcing any components that are overstressed due to the new loading requirements.

Shoring Design

We have engineers experienced in the design of shoring systems when existing systems require support during remediation and retrofit.

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